An Introduction

“HAS THERE EVER BEEN GOOD NEWS?” Intrigued by that challenging question, father and son Scott and Pat Price undertake an inspiring nationwide odyssey in search of goodwill. They determine to randomly interview people in all fifty states, asking them questions about the good things in their lives. The result is a refreshingly original study of attitudes, ambitions, and the condition of the American heart.

What they find in every person—whether a florist in Georgia, a pirate’s descendant in Alaska, a carriage driver in New York, or a Bosnian immigrant in North Dakota—is friendliness, trust, optimism, and an inherent desire to encourage others. Looking for Goodwill resoundingly confirms that there is a vast reservoir of goodwill in people’s hearts all across America, and that there is good news everyday and everywhere—if you look for it.

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Pat and Scott on the Road

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